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What about coupons that the merchant sends me directly via email?

These are usually not eligible for cash back. Be sure to check out our coupons for the merchant though.

We may have a similar (or an even better) deal that will get you cash back in addition to approved coupon savings.

A coupon from Ubucks is not working correctly. What should I do?

Please Contact Us so that we can test the coupon ourselves and determine if the discount is expired or if there are restrictions that may be causing an issue with the coupon.

After I checked out, I noticed your coupon didn't work. Will you credit my account?

Ubucks offers coupons as a courtesy to customers so that you can get the best deal possible.

However, Ubucks has no control over how a merchant applies or honors the coupons. As such, it is your responsibility be sure the coupon has been accepted before you check out.
If the discount is important to you, we can suggest that you cancel the order and begin a new one.

Can I get cash back if I use a gift card or store credit?

Purchases made with gift cards or store credit are not eligible for cash back.

Can I get cash back if I purchase a gift card?

Purchases of gift cards or e-gift cards are not eligible for cash back with Ubucks.

What if the gift card only pays for part of my order?

Unfortunately, merchants do not distinguish between a partial payment by gift card and a full payment using one so cash back tracking may be affected adversely.

I can't find one of your stores. Where did it go?

From time to time, stores end their participation in affiliate programs. In such cases, we will remove them from our lists and our search results.If you still want to shop these stores ,please contact us and add to your favourite list.We will try to contact them.

Why won't a store link work correctly?

Usually, customers experience this problem when the store is temporarily down for maintenance. We suggest you wait a short period of time and try again.

If you have repeated trouble accessing a store, please contact us and we will investigate the matter further.

My order was never delivered to me. Can you contact the store?

Ubucks is a portal website only. For questions about orders, you will need to contact the store directly.

Does each store have different restrictions?

Most of the time, stores have similar policies. These are set out in our Terms and Conditions . However, some stores have special rules that they want highlighted. These are listed under the "Restrictions" link on the store's landing page.

Why aren't my orders being posted as cash back?

There are many potential reasons that your orders are not posting automatically.

First,please remember that your purchases can take up to 7 days after the ship date of the order to report from the merchant to Ubucks.

From a technical standpoint, please make sure that you are not running cookie-blocking or ad-blocking software. This is common in certain settings on anti-virus, anti-spyware programs. Also, make sure cookies are enabled in your browser. (including third party cookies!)

Also, make sure you do not surf to other websites after clicking through Ubucks to the merchant. If this is unavoidable, please click through Ubucks again before you finish the transaction.
Remember that coupons found outside Ubucks may void cash back. These can include offers mailed to you directly by the merchant.

In extreme cases, we often suggest to try a different PC on a new Ubucks' order either in your household or business workplace. If the new order tracks correctly on this different PC then it is most likely some type of setting on your previous PC that is causing issues.

There may also be other errors or omissions such as PC issues and other unforeseen issues. If your orders are not appearing in your account on a regular basis, please contact us.

Why can't I get past the login page?

When this happens, it is almost always due to a cookie or web browser issue.

Please insure that your browser is setup to accept cookies and that you have no security software installed on your PC that is blocking cookies from Ubucks.

Why does my popup window say I'm not logged in?

Sometimes your internet browser will "cache" web pages including our informational popup window.

Simply right-click and hit refresh on that pop-up and you'll see that you are logged in successfully.

Can I have Ad Block programs installed such as Ad Block Plus?

Any type of "Ad Block" program (Ad Block Plus being the most popular) will interfere with cash back tracking. If you are using Chrome or Firefox, click here to insure cash back tracking with Ubucks.