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What is the difference between cash back status "Pending " and "Confirmed"?

Pending cashback are your earnings that cannot yet be withdrawn because the return time (90 days) on those purchases has not yet passed. Once the 90 day return time passes, the cashback for those purchases becomes Confirmed and cashback can be withdrawn ($50 Confirmed minimum). When your cashback, referral bonus, and other rewards statuses become "Confirmed", they will be displayed in your Account Details.

Once Pending cash back is moved to a Confirmed status,that cash back can be "withdrawn" by requesting a payment via Paypal.  Please note that you must meet the minimum amount of Confirmed cashback needed to request payment which is $50.

When will my cash back become " Confirmed "?

Cash back is automatically moved into "Available" status 90 days from the "posting date". For example, cash back that posted on 7/1/2018 would move to "Confirmed" on 9/29/2018.

Why is there a 90 day wait for "Pending cash back" to move to "Confirmed"?

Since most merchants have a period when returns and exchanges are allowed, we must provide a similar time frame, in which merchants can adjust cash back when orders are changed.

Please note, merchants have different return and cancellation policies. 90 days allows us to cover all of our merchant time limits for returns or changes to an order.

It has been 90 days and my cash back is still "Pending". What should I do?

Please contact Customer Support and we will assist you further.

However, please remember that the 90-day period begins on the date the transaction posts to your account, not the date that the order takes place.