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Will other online coupons or other deal sites affect cash back tracking?

Yes, most coupon codes or coupon links you find outside of Ubucks can void cash back on your purchases.

Coupons from random Internet websites, including coupon sites, are often linked to specific affiliate merchants. This means that, when the code is used in a transaction, the other site will automatically get credit for your purchase, regardless of whether you clicked through Ubucks before ordering.

Are orders placed via telephone or live chat eligible for cash back ?

Unfortunately, telephone orders or live chat orders do not qualify for cash back at Ubucks.

If customer service must be contacted then make sure you do not let customer service generate the order for you as that will not qualify for cash back . Politely tell customer service that you will finish the order yourself online as you are part of a rewards program called Ubucks.

Where do I find my cash back account balance?

You can access your cash back account balance in "My Account" when you are signed in to Ubucks.com.

After I click through to a store from Ubucks.com, how long is the shopping session open to earn cash back?

We suggest that you complete your purchase as soon as possible after you click-through to a Ubucks' store. If over 2 hours has elapsed since your click-through occurred, it would be a good idea to re-initiate a new session to that store by clicking through Ubucks again to that same store.

I just completed a purchase. Why doesn't my cash back show up ?

Cash back does not appear immediately in your account.

Ubucks receives merchant’s reports listing qualified transactions everyday (ie, purchases that are eligible for cash back). Once we receive and process this data, the order will appear in your account.

How long before the cash back appears in my account?

Transaction until it has shipped out to the customer. Some of our travel merchants will not report transactions until the reservation has been completed.

It has been 30 days and my cash back has still not appeared.What I can do?

If your cash back still has not appeared, please create an inquiry and a customer service agent will open an inquiry with merchants who allow an inquiry process.

Please note that you must report the inquiry within 90 days. All inquiries are subject to the Terms and Conditions that all members agree to when joining Ubucks.

What can I do if my cash back amount is incorrect?

From time to time, a merchant reports an order amount incorrectly. If it has not been corrected within one week, please contact Customer Support with a Cash back Discrepancy Inquiry and an inquiry will be opened with merchants who allow an inquiry process.

All inquiries are subject to the Terms and Conditions that all members agree to when joining Ubucks.

Why did my cash back show "$0.00"?

Your cash back can show zero for several reasons,  including:

The merchant processed the order as a "return".

The merchant reversed the order due to use of an unauthorized coupon.

The merchant reversed the order due to contact with their customer service department.

If an exchange or partial return was made on an order and the whole order was reversed, please contact Ubucks customer service to open an inquiry with the merchant.

Is there a limit to how much cash back I can earn?

There is no limit to the amount you can earn in cash back at Ubucks. There is also no limit of referral bonuses.

Can I use a coupon that I found outside of Ubucks?

No, most coupon codes you find outside of Ubucks will void the cash back on your purchases or negate the cash back tracking.

Your best choice is to use any coupon displayed at Ubucks as those coupons are specifically approved for use with Ubucks and will not affect cash back.